In order to boat on the European Inland Waterways requires an ICC.

The ICC or International Certificate of Competence is documentary assurance from one government to another that the holder is competent, meaning that you don’t have to conform to each country s individual certification requirements.

To get an ICC you need to prove your competence. An Inland Waterways Helmsman Certificate together with a CEVNI certificate is sufficient to illustrate this for Inland Waterways Boating in Europe.

Once you have your qualifications you can complete an application form, which we will provide, and send off for your certificate. This is a free service for RYA members and it is well worth becoming a member if you are going to need one. You even get a £5 off membership voucher when you complete the Helmsman course. If you are not a RYA member it will cost £43.

What’s a CEVNI and how do I get one?

The CEVNI or Code Europeen des Voies de Navigation Interieure is the rules of the road and regulations which cover all the interconnected waterways throughout Europe. If you want to travel on inland waterways such as the Canal du Midi, you need to prove that you understand these rules.

To prove that you understand these regulations you need to sit a test. This can be taken at the same time as your Helmsman Course and your ICC will then be endorsed to show that you have also sat the CEVNI.

The cost for the CEVNI test is

At our centre – £30 which includes the CEVNI book and exam fee.

On-line – For full details click here